Guerbet Scientific Award of XXI SNR

The XXI SNR 2018 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the Guerbet Scientific Award of XXI SNR. The purpose of this award is to recognize neuroradiologists and neuroimaging related scientists for their excellences and the pursuit of new knowledge in the fields of diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology.



  • AOCNR E-Poster
  • AOCNR Standing Poster


  • SNR E-Poster
  • SNR Standing Poster


RankPrize (USD)
Summa Cum Laude1000
Magna Cum Laude800
Cum Laude400

E-Poster Awardees

SNR E-Poster Awardees
Rank Author Paper Title
Summa Cum Laude Prof. Michael MH Teng How to increase detectability of intracranial metastasis using post-contrast MRI – A review and institutional experience experience
Magna Cum Laude Dr. Ya-Chun Hsu Horner Syndrome: From Normal Anatomy, Clinical Manifestation to Pathological Conditions
Cum Laude Prof. Masayuki Maeda Clinical applications and usefulness of pseudocontinuous arterial spin labeling in head and neck entities
AOCNR E-Poster Awardees
Rank Author Paper Title
Summa Cum Laude Dr. Yun-Pei Lin Low Tube Voltage in Cerebral Computed Tomographic Angiography: a quantitative and qualitative
Magna Cum Laude Dr. Jungbin Lee Assessment of ASL perfusion MRI as an imaging biomarker in epilepsy: imaging timing and perfusion pattern analysis.
Cum Laude Dr. Khin Khin Tha Recent Advances and New Trends in Glioma Imaging

Standing Poster Awardees

SNR Standing Poster Awardees
Rank Author Paper Title
Summa Cum Laude Dr. Chih-Chun Wu Correlation between IDH mutation status, genome-wide copy number abundance and tumor blood volume in diffuse gliomas: a TCGA/TCIA project and multi-institute study
Magna Cum Laude Dr. Se Won Oh Dopaminergic and non-dopaminergic neural substrate in Parkinson's disease and drug-induced parkinsonism: a resting-state fMRI study
Cum Laude Prof. Tarik Massoud A novel morphologically realistic, clinically relevant biomathematical model of brain arteriovenous malformations: Advanced graphics processing unit computing of a stochastic network ensemble model for simulating the effects of embolization on intranidal hemodynamics
AOCNR Standing Poster Awardees
Rank Author Paper Title
Summa Cum Laude Dr. Yoshihito Kadota Differentiation Between Glioblastoma and Solitary Brain Metastasis using Neurite Orientation Dispersion and Density
Magna Cum Laude Dr. Shojen Cheng Pictorial essay: High-Resolution 3D MRI vessel wall images helping in the diagnosis of the extracranial and intracranial vascular pathology
Cum Laude Dr. Akira Baba Magnetic Resonance features of Styloglossus and Hyoglossus Muscle invasion of Tongue Carcinoma as a Predictor of Necessity of Elective Neck Dissection in N0 Patients